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New Book by our YR Media friends

Code for What? Computer Science for Storytelling and Social Justice by Cliff Lee & Lissa Soep

While many of their counterparts were steered toward acquiring digital skills to support the growing tech industry, YR Media youth content creators explored career pathways and the possibility of using code as a justice-driven medium for storytelling.


App Inventor Foundation News:

App Inventor Foundation leads sustainability workshop for high school girls in Mexico

High school girls in Mexico developed a carbon footprint tracking app through a workshop led by the App Inventor Foundation. Since the girls have some exposure to understanding problems surrounding the global climate crisis, the workshop enabled them to use technology to create solutions in the area.


Student-run App-In Club introduces MIT App Inventor to young people

App-In Club is a new student-run coding club with peer-to-peer classes and workshops, competitions, and discussion forums for youth. Founders Tianyi Huang and Aaron Li — two high school coders from California — envision the group as a global meeting spot to share ideas and tech skills around the App Inventor platform.


App Inventor Foundation Presents: Anant Bhaskar Garg

Empowering STEM changemakers in rural India

As a computer science teacher, Anant Bhaskar Garg sees his duty as more than just teaching things like algorithms and data structures. To him, these are merely tools for a larger end goal. His true measure of success is seeing his students become changemakers in their local communities.